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We are on holiday from 31 July 2017 until 18 August. The shop is open again on Saturday 19th of August.  Hope you will have a lovely summer. Looking forward to the Autumn already; such a fab time with fruits, berries and some gorgeouse rich coloured flowers.  


Peonies are at their glorious best and this months' Bouquet of the Month is just that; a handtied bouquet of only peonies. The peonies on the picture are the traditional Sarah Bernhardt's with their marshmellowy features together with Red Charm, a variety that will transform itself into a gigantic flower with a finale of an 'explosion' of small petals. Peonies are very seasonal as they are still grown outdoors and are only available in May and June so enjoy while you can. They are the most romantic flower imaginable seducing everyone with their spectalar growth from a tiny bud to an enormous blousy flower. They have a delicate scent too to add to their seduction. A lot of peonies open up during the day and close up during the night. There are lots of Peony varieties, one of which is Coral Charm which arrived in our shop bright Orange with gorgeous yellow stamens in the centre of the flowers.  After a few days the orange colour they arrived in turned into the sofest of pale peach almost ivory; absolutely gorgeous.

If you fancy trying out some other varieties than the ones shown on the picture, call us and we will order them in for you. Please note that Peonies do not like flowerfood; this sometimes prevents them from opening!

The special offer is 12 peonies handtied in an Aqua Pack for just £25.00!!