Romantic Flowers for Valentines Day

A dramatic bouquet for 12 Red Roses is of course the ultimate gift for Valentines but the majority of ladies would appreciate any type of floral gift artistically put together by a good florist. So why not surprise the person you love with something different; spring flowers are at their best. Vibrant tulips, hyacinths, ranunculus, narcissi and anenomes arranged with gorgeous lime green Viburnum never fail to delight the recipients. Planted Spring Arrangments are also a great gift as they last for a good few weeks and can be planted outside. Mixed Handtieds are also a fantastic option; you get so much more value from these at Valentines' Day. Choose from favourites such as lillies, gerberas complimented by sensual anthuriums and a gorgeous Cymbidium to add some sophistication and style. Phone us to let us know what your loved one would like and we will send something sensational! 

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